Monday, April 26, 2010

We Joined An Affiliate To Put Flowers On This Blog

We just today put our affiliate flower product on all our sites.
In this post I will walk through the protocol that is required to add an affiliate program/product on this blog.

First, we realized Mother's Day was around the corner. We know Mother's Day is the second largest volume sales day in an average year, in the U.S.A. This year is our first year with several blogs and sites up and running.

Second, we googled 1-800flowers. That search brought up several organic (not paid for) results.
We followed to the site by clicking on the first organic result.

Third, at the site for 1-800flowers we scrolled to the bottom of their page to look for and find the word affiliate or affiliate program.Clicking on the word affiliate brought us to the affiliate program for that product (flowers).

Fourth, after being taken to the affiliate program, we found it was named "Linkshare". We read alittle to see if it looked like the 1-800flowers product we see all around the web. They have several flower/gift products. After find that the product is what we wanted we joined the program for free, of course. We only work on free affiliate product programs. The linkshare program is a big one, they have hundreds of the big affiliate products in their program.

Fifth, after deciding this was an affiliate program we wanted to be a part of and it controlled the big flower products, we joined. Joining is just filling in their application form with your site URL so they can see that your site is O.K. with their policy. Your social security # or employee # for businesses are also required for all affiliate program registrations.

Sixth, now we have to verify our email address we provided. Done finished !!!!!!!

 We now go to the affiliate program to familiarize ourselves with their process of selecting which products we want to share with our visitors to our site or our facebook friends/twitter followers or anyone who we choose to share with.


All affiliate program are run just about the same.

You choose which product you want to share
You choose what link you want to use
You choose if you want to use banner ads or text content ads
You can search through the affiliate program for your preferred  products
You can choose your product by commission percentage
You can choose your product by environmental features (green products)

Whatever your preferences are, it is all up to you

Click on the red and white Linkshare banner ad, above this post.
When you click you are using my new link to take you to "Linkshare's" Affiliate sign up page.

On the right side bar at the top is our new "1-800" banner ad.
When you click on that one you will be taken to the page where you can buy your Mother's Day Gifts.

I hope this post helped some to see how easy it is to set up an affiliate relationship with companys that need your help to share their products, that you and your friends are buying anyway.

Since we are all buying products anyway we may as well have a commission sent to our clickbank or paypal accounts.
I'll get into how the money gets to you in another post.
Have a great day


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