Friday, April 30, 2010


Today we received verification that we were accepted as members in an affiliate program for a solar company.
"Real Goods Solar" has informed us, by email, today that we can help them spread the word on their solar products for the Colorado and California areas.

We have been researching the solar company "Real Goods Solar" and their products for two years now.
Starting as stock investors of the company the research showed they went public in 2007.
 They were one of or the first solar company in the U.S.A. to market solar products.

 Their stock hasn't made us money but their obvious commitment to quality solar panels and their time in business says volumes about the value they provide for their customers.
You see, according to their company history, they have been in business since 1978 as a private company.
In 2007 when they went public on the stock exchange is when we started watching them.
They are a good, hard working  company with sticktoitiveness. All very good characteristics for the provider of a product that must last twenty years or more.

CLICK HERE to check them out and/or get a solar evaluation for your home.

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