Saturday, May 8, 2010

A New Income Stream Has Started (online of course)

Alrighty Then!! As  Jim Carey likes to say.

We are proud to announce the start of a brand new income stream for "MANMADEMONEY"

Sponsored tweets is the name of the program that has provided this online income stream.
At sponsored tweets, once your twitter account has the three prerequisites to qualify, they connect your account with companys that have products that most closely mirror your twitter account's stated profile/bio focus.

The companys will review your twitter account's focus and determine if it is focused on the market niche that their stated propose or use of their product line is. The company than looks at your per tweet cost you will charge them to share their info on their product with your followers.

That is the basis of sponsored tweets.

The details of how to set your minimum cost per tweet is explained in their site and blog areas.
The how and why you would want to share the companys info with your followers is up to you.
The company that makes an offer to you, for a tweet by you, than must be approved by you.
The pay out comes through your paypal account.
The cost to you is zero to set it up. Your paypal account is zero to set up.  No cost to you!!!!

Sponsored tweets will notify you by direct message in your twitter account or by email, You decide.

For more info go to Sponsored tweets website by CLICKING HERE

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