Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Design Does Not Have To Be Dull

Just found this fantastic article on how a blog can be easily livened up. "Death of a dull blog Post"
These guys show what is in the article that they are talking about through the appearance of the blog.

This article, is way out there blog design but any technology that is sufficiently advanced will be viewed as magic to the uninitiated. This is blog magic to this writer!

Great imagery and movement in the structure of the blog design.

Design that does not have bells and whistles, that pull you away from your reading of the article.

Definitely a direction that this blog "Man Made Money" will be moving towards.

CLICK HERE to link to the article/blog

Smashing Magazine is the site this post was on. We will definitely be watching the site for more blogging insight.

The articles' design is so... interactively comfortable it needs only be studied and emulated.

Thanks to sitepoint  for sharing "Death of the Dull Blog Post" article, with us.

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