Sunday, October 3, 2010

Advantages of Twitter Scheduling Tools

Chad Ochocino didn't have to pay $25,000 to tweet -- There are Free Twitter Tools to schedule your tweets
The NFL just fined Pro Football Social Media Guru, Chad Ochocinco $25,000 for tweeting. The league has an electronic communications blackout policy which prevents players from using electronic communications devices like cell phones and computers beginning 90 minutes before kick-off and lasting until the end of their games. While Chad quickly responded that the $25,000 fine equaled about two months worth of vehicle payments for him (in other words, so what), he could have avoided the fine by using readily available free tools.
These tools allow you to schedule tweets or other social media status updates for a wide range of sites including Facebook,, LinkedIn and Twitter. The more advanced services allow you to track your activity across several social media profiles as well as setting up tweets/updates in advance and scheduling them for delivery whenever you like.
Hootsuite ( is my personal favorite. Hootsuite offers versions of their service that you can use via your desktop computer, ( using their free downloaded software), a web browser or smartphones like Blackberry and iPhone. They have recently introduced a new 'freemium' model where some more advanced features are now available for a fee but the free service works just fine for me. This tool is my favorite because it offers a very broad range of social media sites for integration, is simple and easy to set-up and allows me to update which takes care of all my other social media sites with one click. It also offers the ability to schedule updates for individual specific sites as well.
SocialOomph ( offers many of the same services as the other tools but also has additional integration tools for Twitter. You can use this service to automatically follow everyone who follows you as well as to send automatic direct messages to your new followers. This service is another mixed-model offering with some additional functions available for a fee but you can certainly try the service for free first.
Two more limited services are LaterBro ( and CoTweet ( LaterBro offers integration with Twitter and Facebook only but if you are only using those two social media sites, it might be worth a look. CoTweet ( integrates with Twitter and only so you will need to schedule any other social media sites through if you select this tool.
If you only want to schedule tweets you can try Future Tweets (, Dynamic Tweets ( or Tweet-U-Later ( While these three Twitter tools are very similar, Dynamic Tweets will let you create a file of future updates and upload them at one time. And TweetULater will let you schedule Direct Messages in addition to tweets.
Success with social media marketing requires consistent profile updates as well as relationship-building interaction. While you could certainly outsource the interactions it is simple to use one of these automated tools to do a number of updates at one time and have them delivered over a period of time. A small investment of time up-front will pay off with increased online activity and interaction. And if you are a professional football player who likes to tweet a lot, these tools can certainly save you a lot of money.
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