Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Media Marketing - 3 Twitter Tools To Help You Make More Money -- By Carla McNeil Platinum Quality Author

One of the success habits with Social Marketing is consistency. With Twitter it is absolutely necessary to be there consistently, remember the old saying...
Out of site, out of mind. John Heywood
Twitter is like having the radio on in the background. You do not have to pay attention to every Tweet that rolls by, nor do your followers look at every single tweet you send out. When you think of it as a radio you can also follow the processes and procedures that a radio station follows. Their programs are consistent, the advertisements are short, quick and repeated often, and they provide information that interests you. If you were not interested you would not be listening.You can set up your own "radio station" on Twitter, program what you want your "listeners" to see. Here are three tools that will assist you in creating a twitter stream where you can provide great information just like a radio station.
HootSuite is a free program that allows you to monitor your social media accounts all from one platform. You can quickly and easily check all your accounts, start conversations, re-tweet great information or even schedule specific tweets to go out at a later time or date. I like to tweet links to my articles on a very regular basis, I consider them to be my advertisements about who I am and what I do.
YourTweetAdder dot com is a paid product, you will have to purchase this one. In my humble opinion it is well worth the price. With YourTweet Adder you can automate a number of the functions of your Twitter account. This leaves you more time to do the most important work, connecting with people. There are two functions in this program that are priceless. Autofollow, now I don't just follow anybody, I find the experts in my niche and figure out what they are up to. The other is automated tweets, I have a base set up so that I am always consistent. Then I add to it using HootSuite.
Twellow is another free program that allows you to find the leaders in your niche. You can discover the hot topics and then you can tweet about them while they are still hot.
With these tools you will be able to maintain a consistent presence on Twitter so that people will know, like and trust you. Because we know that people buy from those they know, like and trust, which in turn enables you to make more money.
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  1. Hey Great Article!
    Social networking sites like Facebook have drastically changed the way we use the Internet. Online advertising is no exception, as social networks and Social Media Marketing have altered online marketing strategy.

  2. In my view correctly used Social Media Marketing can give a platform for brand awareness, exposure, networking, and a huge boost in traffic & sales.
    Thanks for sharing.