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Twitter Marketing - The Best Instruments for Marketing on Twitter -- By David Kalthoff Article Source:

For some time now, I've been using various ways in Twitter marketing along with software in order to make money on Twitter. Among those are Tweet Adder, Sponsored Tweets, Twiends and MyLikes. Inherently, I've decided to offer my experience with these software programs to make suggestions and offer advice to back up your success.

There are a few things that should be well thought out, especially if you've employed Tweet Adder. Tweet Adder can be automated to unfollow users who have not followed you back after a set interval of time. If somebody is not a frequent Tweeter, then you don't want them to follow you anyways. I'd say 2-3 days is a reasonable amount of time to allow for follow back. Also, before you set forth using Tweet Adder make sure you have a reasonable amount of normal tweets otherwise people will find you as a spammer.

In the first few days of using Twitter, you can follow up to a thousand members a day, but I suggest adding roughly 200 per day to your follower tally until you hit two thousand. By the time you reach this point you should have at least 1300 followers. Proceed unfollowing and following until you crack the 2000 follower threshold. When you do this, it should be a picnic to get more Twitter followers. All of these actions can be accomplished with Tweet Adder. Employ your other marketing tools bit by bit around this point. This may seem delayed but in order to have a remunerative Twitter marketing program, you need to make sure you in reality have a Twitter account and anything beyond this may appear as a prospective danger to Twitter and your account will be suspended.

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After you've reached around 5000 followers, you can start following more people. Twitter allots you to follow 110% of the value of users following you after you've followed 2000 people or 150% before you've followed 2000 people. So if you have 5000 followers, the most you can follow in return is 5500 total. There is also a day-to-day follow cap of 1000 follows, but this number is insane.

Once you've gotten to this point, a fair deal of time has gone by and you can start to finally make some cash. You can sign up for Sponsored Tweets and MyLikes. Sponsored Tweets will guide advertisers to you that will compensate you for a tweet and MyLikes will simply allow you to tweet links from their site and get paid per click to whatever it is that you happen to be promoting.

Finally, another great way to gain followers is by using a site called Twiends. Twiends operates on a credit system where you can gain credits by following other people or liking a Facebook page, and in turn run through them to have other people follow you. There is also an option to purchase credits but unless you don't want to ever follow anyone I don't suggest that just yet. You can get plenty of credits daily simply by following others and I often have credits in my account from that for 2-3 days at a time.

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