Sunday, May 15, 2011

Set Up A Google Blogger Blog To Drive Traffic And Start To Make Money On Your Site --- By Alfred Loo Article Source:

Setting up a Google Blogger blog is free and it gives your blog a home online, just like any website. Drive traffic there and start to make money on your site.

Your article marketing campaign will bring through a series of cycles as your standard business model adopted by all successful article marketers: you pick your niche, then you pick your product and you set up your website, followed by adding content to your website and finally you have to send traffic to your website to drive the purchase.

After you have set up your own website, and have picked your niche and having identified which product you are going to promote and sell, you are set to go.

You know there are many ways to drive traffic to your website. You have set up your website and have put in some contents to it, and is like you think it will go auto-pilot to make you money to earn your residual income?

But you said you still have a problem here?

It is not picking the niche? It is very simple actually. You can find a whole lot of niche that is very hot now.

It is not picking the product, aren't you? No problem, you have the Click Bank engine to help you to quickly identify which product are going to be very popular to your niche and is also going to be very profitable too.

Then it must be setting up your website? I can understand that.

But it is pretty easy if you know how. Go to where you would practically be assisted as they would walk you through the processes of getting your blog set up in no time, and you do not have to pay a single penny for it.

The fact is, using Bloggers' blog to start building your website is the easiest and faster way to get you going. Besides it is free, Bloggers offer options for bloggers of all experience levels, and with varying blogging objectives, to monetizing it among the most options chosen, either passive or active income.

Because Google AdSense is own owned by Google, it is not surprising that it is integrated directly into the Blogger platform. It is very easy to add-on to your blog and you can start making money from your advertisements pretty fast.

Beside, Blogger can also use to monetize your blogs through affiliate advertising and other forms of direct advertising to give you more monetization opportunities.

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