Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Success Skill: Get a Grip on Your Perception -- By Delaina Miller

Think of a time you overreacted to something. Maybe you could not remember where you left your keys and you were running late so you reacted by yelling at yourself or someone near you at the time. Remember how frustrated you were with yourself? In the big picture of your life and all you have to offer the world was all the yelling and berating worth it? Did these reactions solve the problem, or even make you feel better? Have you misplaced your keys since? Most likely you answered "no" to all of these except the last one, I bet you have misplaced your keys since then. Therefore the yelling and berating was not worth it because it did not stop you from losing your keys again.
What does losing your keys have to do with building success? Your success is determined by your perception and your perception and success are bound by perspective.
Perspective, which is this case, is an external mental scene that allows us to see things that we might normally overlook. It is through perspective that you gain a big picture view of your life. It is this attribute of perspective that allows us to change our perception, or understanding, of our situation. Perspective, allows us to perceive some situations/events as more important than other situations/events in our lives. In other words, we are able to see inconveniences for what they are: small, tiny hiccups instead of occurrences that derail our general success.
With a larger perception in your mental tool box, you have the ability to not overreact to something that is really insignificant in the big picture of your life. This altered perspective is how successful people alter their perception to see their once thought "failures" as "learning opportunities." The great news is everyone, including you, has the ability to use perspective to change their perception.
When you find yourself in tense situations, stand back for a moment take a deep breath and ask yourself some questions such as: "how can I see this situation differently" or "why am I so upset?" or "what can I learn from this situation?" Questions like these will give you a chance to recognize that you are upset and in reaction mode. They will also help you gain perspective of the situation so that you can take control of your emotions.
Once you have perspective then think about how you answered yourself. It is through the answers that we change our perception of the situation. The answers tell us what is really wrong. To go back to the lost key scenario, through your answers you realized that you were stressed out and are feeling pulled in too many directions. With this new perspective of your emotions you can make some healthy decisions that will help you be more successful. As a result, maybe you decide that you can pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow instead so that you can enjoy your kid's soccer game today.
Whatever your scenario, big or small, by first changing your perspective you can change your perception and then respond in healthy and constructive ways. This larger view of you, your life, and your situation is the key to becoming successful at being you and living a successful life.
Now that you have some ideas on how to gain and use perspective to change your perception of your life situations you can successfully control your reactions. Control over our emotions is an important step to channeling our energies into self empowering, productive, constructive, and successful futures.
Delaina Miller is an Independent Information Professional that enjoys helping others through her writing and research. You can read more her ideas and tips on being successful at http://tunein2life.com/
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