Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tools to Promote Your Events -- By Jonathan Reynold

Facebook is gradually growing to be a hot spot for event organizers. The social media surge in recent years encourages event organizers to use Facebook as a convenient and a steadfast tool of event planning and marketing. Over the past few years, the website has brought a series of tools and features that help creating a buzz of your event in no time, thus helping you attract a large crowd to the events. Here, we are talking about five most important yet unheard tools of Facebook that help taking your event to the next level. 1. Social Ticket Buying with Ticketmaster Facebook now offers an exciting tool for buying tickets for events right from its platform. The famous ticket provider of the London Olympics, Ticketmaster has collaborated with Facebook, which offers the facility of social ticket buying. It not only enhances your ticket sales, but also gives a significant boost to the social commerce. 2. Generate Guest List in No Time with GuestlistGen The newest addition to the marketing and promotional feature of Facebook is GuestlistGen. The tool allows you to generate a PDF of your event guest list within a short span of time and that too, right on the Facebook platform. To do it, you have to just enter your Facebook Event ID and the rest will be done automatically. 3. Analyze Event's Performance with Tuneo Tuneo is a tool that allows organizers to sum up polls to analyze the performance of the event. It is a kind of organizational tool that helps you track attendees on social networking site like Facebook. Tuneo seems to be a solution to save you from message overload. 4. Create a Buzz with WordPress Custom Tab Keep in mind that Custom tabs are the fundamental part of marketing strategy in Facebook. You can now use WordPress Custom tab application to customize a tab of your event page in Facebook. It is true that WordPress extends your capabilities and thus, helps you reach a large audience. Moreover, the WordPress Custom Tab is compatible with most browsers and devices. 5. Set up Custom Tab with Pagemodo Similar to WordPress Custom Tab, Pagemodo helps you to use and set up a custom tab in no time. Well, for large events, it is not that suitable, yet for smaller events, it is the best fit. You can even make the use of paid options, that allow you to set up a robust 'Like-gate' feature on your Facebook event page. At present, Pagemodo is known to be an amazing social media marketing tool. Use these tools today to make your next event a great success. Jonathan is a professional trainer. He employs latest technology for online class registration and online training registration that results in more attendance and ROI. Article Source: Article Source:

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