Saturday, April 14, 2012

6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips -- By Lindsey Jenkins

Finding the perfect place for showcasing products, services and websites for free is every business-minded netizen's dream. Thankfully, Facebook has made this "dream" a reality. With over half a billion users and thousands of fan pages and online communities to check out, the popular social media platform has brought potential clients closer to home.
It's no longer a secret how Facebook is crucial in online marketing. Nonetheless, many people believe that a single register is enough. For marketers, this is not enough. There is so much more to Facebook marketing than just putting up your profile. Keeping your fans involved is the ultimate key. In this article are six powerful Facebook marketing tips to help you find your way to success!
1. Create your Facebook profile. Start establishing your identity by creating a Facebook profile for yourself and your business. Having a Facebook profile as your way of positioning a business will take you a long way in establishing relationships with users. In creating your profile, don't forget to put in your profile picture, photo albums and videos, wall and "add friends" button.
2. Create a fan page for your business. Facebook pages, also referred to as "fan pages", are typically designed for brands, products, services, celebrities, musicians and businesses. The fan page feature enables organizations, public figures and other entities to generate public presence in Facebook. You can encourage potentials to become fans of your business page by sharing any significant information with them via uploading photos and videos worth a million shares, administering discussion posts and displaying status updates or wall posts.
3. Use the Facebook Events feature. The latter helps you connect with your target clients by sending them invites to your events, even if some of them aren't included in your list of friends or fans. Facebook gives users an opportunity to create their own events that can be either public or private.
4. Participate in other Facebook pages. Take a research on other fan pages related to your business. Use the website's "search" tool so you can actively start posting comments on their updates. This is also a way for you to build a connection with the industry.
5. Tag your fans via photos. You can tag your fans in photos with your new collections or convince them to tag themselves as a part of your promo. In 2009, Grammy-winning musician Lenny Kravitz uploaded over a hundred photos of his Italian tour and asked his then two million fans to tag themselves. This resulted to good publicity as many of his Kravitz' updates on being tagged appeared on the fans' wall.
6. Generate Facebook Plug-ins to your page. The "Like" button enables users to share anything from your page to their profile. The "Recommendation" button meanwhile gives them the option of personalizing suggestions for other fan pages they like. These two are just among the few plug-ins you need to generate. Other buttons that can be essential in Facebook marketing are LiveStream, LikeBox and comments.
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