Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Make Your First Blog

Watch this video and You will see How to Make Your blog in 3 steps.
Free Free Free, Easy Easy Easy,   Do it   Do it   Do it

Once your first blog is set up, you have learned how to do it.

Now you can farther develop it with the easy to follow instructions.
Everything is changeable by copy/paste and you being creative.

You can make an unlimited number of blogs.
Each blog should be focused on a single idea.

This blog page you are reading this post on, is one of my blogs. This blog is focused on "Man Made Money".
Man Made Money in this case I've choose to focus on how to make money online.
Blogging is just one way to make money online. As I develop this blog I am learning and acting on what I am learning by posting these type of articles (posts).

That single idea for your blog can be whatever you choose. For example your day today, your life after high school, a Mind Journey on any subject you what to study. Any thing you want to study or already know can be your blog focus. It will expand as you grow with your knowledge of blogging.

Your blog can focus on making friends, making networks of like minded people or making money in a specific product type. That is called a market niche, when you focus on a specific type of product/service.
 Have fun with a blog. Use it for earning, learning and expanding your connection to this fantastic world of ours.

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