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Boost your lead capture conversion with quizzes

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We've all seen them. More times than we can count. The familiar dotted line box staring at us with two questions: "What is your first name?" and the omnipresent "What is your primary e-mail address?" The lead capture page. For years, marketers have been pondering how to improve on it's effectiveness. Recently, they hit the jackpot.

It's called a "quiz capture page" and it differs from the conventional methodology of "give something away in exchange for a visitor's email address"

With the quiz, the visitor is pulled into a bit of a game. A quest. A challenge. If it's designed right, it's all about the skills, or tactics, or knowlege that will presumably be imparted by the site or it's wise operator. Unwitting participants enter the "game" figuring they know a thing or two about the subject matter. This should be easy! It is rigged to be anything but. The questions tend to be obscure, and in many questions, not exactly relevant to the real world. The idea is to convince the "gamer" that they don't know NEARLY as much about the subject as they thought they did. At the end of the quiz, when they are presented with a grade of C- , they are also offered the opportunity to remedy that unfortunate gap in their, you guessed it - signing up for the site operator's newsletter.

This technique has been shown to improve opt-in rates my multiple orders of magnitude. From a 5% rate to a 60% rate - an amazing change. How long before John Q. Public figures it out and just ignores quiz capture pages is anybody's guess. But for now, it's one powerful mechanism for building an opt-in list. ANYTHING to replace the double-field boxes we've all come to know and, uh, hate.

There's another, more powerful benefit to capturing leads this way over the old method. If you design a 7-10 question quiz properly, the result is a radically improved snapshot of the expertise and skillsets that your visitors are arriving with. You have the ability to react to this new information much more quickly and responsively than you did when the prospect merely tossed you their first name and email address. It's a tactic who's time has arrived. Expect to see a lot more quizzes dangled in front of you in your Internet Marketing travels.

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