Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smart Subscriber Pays You First

Just figured out this affiliate program that pays you first. You actually learn how to use their stuff and start making money before you decide to give them any money! WOW! This is a first for us.

Smart Subscriber is the name of this newest addition to our stable of affiliate/educational programs that we're using to learn and make money at the same time.
Being that this blog MANMADEMONEY is focused on "online income from the start". We figured that this newest cashflow opportunity seems right up our alley.
It took us a couple of days to figure Smart Subscriber out but that's cause we are skeptical and a little lazy.

The program is free to sign up for a 90 day trial. They give you everything you need to spread their links on your blogs, twitter tweets, facebook posts or article directories, whatever. We only do free traffic generation here so you can use any free traffic technique or pay for it, that's up to you.

The kicker is Smart Subscriber has its own ezine like newsletter that they will put your links in for free for 90 days. That's an additional free traffic source for your links that you have chosen to promote with their help.
They walk you through the product sources like clickbank and others that they are affiliated with.
They walk you through the setup for paypal so you will be paid properly.
They have all the instructional videos that the beginner would need to set up a complete affiliate business.
As in all online interactions you need to know how to copy/paste. Right mouse click menu has that on your computer. If you can copy/paste you have all the technical skills you need if not go to google and search the term "copy/paste" a little research will teach you all you need to know.

Like I said earlier we have just started in this program ourselves. So I have been designated to be the one to keep this blog updated on our progress in this affiliate/educational opportunity.

At the bottom of this blog is an opt-in box (supplied by Smart Subscriber) with which you can sign up and try this free 90 day trial. I recommend it to anyone trying to get a handle on this online income stuff.
Smart Subscriber gives you the info you need to start promoting affiliate products, how to setup your links, how to chose what products to promote and where to go to get all that set up for free. 

Wish us all luck and I'll keep you posted through this blog on how we do. If you join and need any questions answered our email is:  I can't promise that we'll know the answers but we will try to show you where to go to get them.

I am Online William and this will be fun if not profitable.
The worst that can happen is we have a learning experience. In my book at isn't too bad.

Go to the optin box at the bottom of this blog and sign up for this free 90 day trial or just CLICK HERE

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