Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craig Jett: Focus Is Everything For Online Income

This is a reprint of an article I found on Craig Jett's site from last November 2009.
This article helps to refocus your most immediate/daily efforts when you're just trying  to find that first income stream online.
Thanks Craig Jett from Australia for your shared insights on getting that first income stream.

One of the reasons I haven’t been earning as much as I’d like to online is a persistent lack of focus.
Actually, I’d say it’s the main reason.
Is a lack of focus holding you back from the success you deserve too?
Do you spend your time reading through emails, checking out sales letters and the endless amount of ‘free’ video/audio content and ’special reports’ spewed forth by the ‘guru’s’ and wannabe guru’s?
And how about all those free trials and ‘pay just $1 now’ kind of deals?
I fell for one the other day and paid a dollar to be able to download 25 hours of video and audio.  Hey, when I read the sales letter it all sounded like really good, useful stuff that I need…but holy crap – it’s gigabytes of data and time-wise it’s over 3 working days worth of content!!!
Am I really going to consume it all or will it just sit on my hard drive gathering digital dust?
Oh, and of course that special $1 offer came with a bunch of OTO’s and a continuity deal…
It seemed like a really good deal but is it?
Did I need it?
Will I use it?
Probably not…to both those questions.
Ever since Eben Pagan started preaching about ‘moving the free line’ the free line has been moved so far that you could spend all day every day just downloading and consuming free content from internet marketers.  Don’t fall for this.
If there’s one thing I’m constantly reminded of it’s that if you want to succeed in internet marketing you really need to FOCUS.
There are so many ways to make money online but all you need to start with is ONE.
Pick one that works and focus on it.
Don’t get caught up in the constant hype and end up on a treadmill constantly searching for the latest, greatest money making technique.
Find just one method that appeals to you and focus all your time and energy on that method until it starts to pay off.
Here’s some other things that I’m doing at least most of the time to help me focus on the most productive use of my time:
  1. Don’t read email newsletters and pitches
  2. Don’t read sales pages
  3. Unsubscribe from newsletters which are consistently just pitching
  4. Don’t download ‘free’ stuff which you have no immediate use or need for
There’s other things but that’s a good start.  Once you do these things you’ll be amazed how much more time you have to focus on the things that are really going to make you

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