Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to Build Your Twitter Following Fast

Hey guys just wanted to write a quick article on how to grow your twitter following without spending any money on auto follow systems.
When you build your following you want to make sure you stay inside your niche as much as possible so you have a very high targeted following. The benefits of staying as targeted as possible is a highly responsive following. They will want to read what you have to tweet because it is what they are interested in.
Ok... This is how its done. Find 5 of the top producers in your niche and follow them. Go to their profile and click on "followers".
Now the way twitter works is it puts the people that followed that person last at the top of the list. So follow every one on the first 3 pages. Hint... (only follow the person if they have a profile picture) Now go the next top producer's page and do the same thing. As you expand in your niche keep finding people with large followings and add them to your list and follow their followers too. Now you want to make sure you don't follow more than 200 a day or twitter might pin you as a spammer.
Start at the beginning of the week and do this for 4 days. And than stop for 2 days and give the people you followed time to login and follow you back. Most of the time when you follow someone they will follow you back. Than on day 7 you need to unfollow all the people who didn't follow you back so that your following doesn't look really lopsided and bring your follower to following ratio back to about the same. This site works well to do that.
Also a great way to start building a relationship with your followers and drive traffic to your blog or fan page is to create a few automated direct messages. This site has some free features to set up automated direct messages to your new followers. You can also set it up to follow back the people who follow you.
And it's as easy as that!! Have Fun!!
If you would like more information about social media strategies or online marketing, be sure and click on the link in the resource box below.
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  1. twitter is growing to be a great tool for any online business. it's another way of getting great traffic and giving people great info about your niche. twitter is a must! great post and great tips!

  2. I am agree with this that twitter is going nowadays very fastly affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods.