Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mindset Is Job One For Any Thing You Want

Great article on the "Rich Mindset"
Mindset is key in all we do. This article I have found on another blog has all the basic elements of a complete step by step plan to help us establish the Mindset of a millionaire.
Being a millionaire is not the most important thing in this life but you can not help others if you're not financially independent with the mindset to accumulate any and all things you desire.

Click Here to be taken to the Mindset article I refer to 

Mindset is merely a tool/skill that will help us to accomplish any and all we desire.
Like any skill or tool we can learn to use them correctly to help us leverage our efforts in such a way as to more likely realize our goals.
As I have always shared with my sons whenever I wanted to get going on a project or some destination they and I were intending to do for the day.
I would all to often say:  
"Get Your Heads Straight" so we can get going on this or that project/destination/goal.

Mindset is job one! All other steps toward your goals are dependent on if you think you can?

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