Friday, November 19, 2010

How To Make Money With Twitter Using 6 Proven Marketing Strategies == By Chris Gustafson

In the past couple of years Twitter has gone from an insignificant "instant messaging" site to a rapidly growing social network. Even now the number of tweets posted on Twitter per day is STILL growing. This is great news for us Internet Marketers out there, because with great growth comes great opportunity. To maximize this opportunity and make money with Twitter here are six things you MUST do:
1.) Remember Twitter is a social network - The worst way to attempt to make money with Twitter would be to tweet out nothing but affiliate and biz opportunity links.....Don't do it, you will be labeled a spammer and Twitter will deactivate your account.
2.) Keep A 90/10 Ratio For Your Tweets - 90% of your tweets should be useful information and 10% of your tweets can be about business (affiliate links, business opportunity links, etc...).
3.) Fill Out Your Twitter Profile Completely - This should seem like a no-brainer, and I hope it is, but a LOT of Internet marketers don't do this. Completely filling out your Twitter profile means that you have a picture uploaded, a short bio, and a link to your website or blog.
4.) Build A List Of Targeted Followers - One of the great things about Twitter is that you can see "who is following who". Meaning that you can find some of the "big names" in your niche and see who is following them and then turn around and follow the same people. This is great because the people who are following the leaders in your niche are obviously qualified prospects. So the quickest way to get a list of targeted followers is to find the leaders in your niche, and follow everyone who is following them (Don't worry if this sounds HUGELY boring, you can software do this automatically for you...see below)
5.) Get Noticed By Your Followers - Pay attention! This IS the most important step! Every day it seems that the amount of people trying to make money with Twitter is growing and growing. You would think that this would be a disadvantage for's NOT! Here's why: Most people who are "trying to make money with Twitter" have NO clue what they are doing. Therefore, when someone who DOES know what they are doing and provides value to their followers, they get noticed and paid attention to even more!
Here are three steps to get "noticed" by your followers:
  • Obey the 90/10 rule and as part of your 90% of non-business related tweets, make sure you are providing value. Don't be afraid to tweet out a link to someone else's blog post that was helpful, or an article you just read. By providing value to your followers they will pay attention to you and be much more inclined to click on links when you ARE selling something
  • When you post a business or "sales" tweet, go for the soft sell.....In other words; don't tweet out "Great Business Opportunity, Pays 5 Levels Deep, I Get Your First Two For You". People are sick and tired of seeing crap like that on Twitter. Instead, tweet out something like this "Looking For Business Partners -Part Time, Full Time Great Opp For Right Person" The first tweet may sound better, but I guarantee you that you will get more clicks to your link with the second tweet. Twitter is a social network and people don't like being "hard sold" in social media.
  • Respond to ALL direct messages for as long as you can. Up until you get to about 20,000 followers, it should be your goal to respond to all non-spam direct messages. If someone sends you a DM and asks you a question, respond back to them. Build a relationship. People pay much more attention to other "tweeple" they have interacted with. The more people you can build relationships with the better your results will be.
6.) The final tip to make money with Twitter is this.....Give it time! -- If you already have a Twitter account with a bunch of targeted followers then success will come quicker for you. However, if you are just starting out, expect to take about 3-6 months to build up a healthy loyal Twitter following.
Twitter Automation.....
Making money with Twitter can be very easy when you follow the steps above. However, the downside is that it is going to take you time to build up a large following that loves you and consistently clicks on your tweeted out links. Not only that, but it is a HUGE pain to log-in to Twitter throughout the day and post valuable tweets out. It becomes a 1/hr per day JOB.
To cut down on the time it takes to do those mind numbing monotonous tasks, I recommend using a Twitter automation tool. A good Twitter automation tool will do ALL of your Twitter tasks automatically throughout the day. Some of those tasks include:
Tweeting At Random Intervals
Responding To DM's
Follow Backs
The amount of time that the newest most advanced Twitter tools can save you is ridiculous! The one that I use and recommend to all of my clients is Tweet Adder. Tweet adder is largely responsible for my 35,000+ followers and the income I generate using Twitter. The software is very cheap and to the serious marketer should be a no-brainer purchase decision.
To watch a video tutorial of the Tweet Adder software, as well as purchase it, click on the link below now.
Tweet Adder
Thanks for reading and I wish you great monetary success with your Twitter account!
Chris Gustafson - EzineArticles Expert Author

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