Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Money With Twitter - Easy Methods Discussed By Mika Hamilton

If you are looking for a way to make money online you probably heard about making money with Twitter. Like owning a blog or promoting your business using Facebook pages you can also make money using Twitter, and you can be creative at that as well.
There are several ways to make money on Twitter, the most popular way these days is to use one of many Twitter advertising networks like Magpie and Sponsored tweets. What these networks do is give you a chance to tweet some of their client's tweets and you get paid either by CPC method or CPA method, depending on the offer.
You can also tweet any of your affiliate links and products on Twitter and get a commission if you make a sale. Basically, anything you could do with your website that relies on people following a certain link for you to get paid can work, so you can be creative, but like with your blog or website you need visitors and traffic, well sort of.
You probably read about making money on twitter and that the only thing you need is followers and there are plenty of free services that offer you to get thousands of followers a month. But having 10,000 followers doesn't mean you will make any money on Twitter, like with a blog you need targeted traffic, in this case followers and you won't get them simply by mass following.
The only way to make money on Twitter using any method is to engage with your followers. You need to be a leader on twitter, someone people take notice of. If you are just one out of thousands and thousands of people that have a legion of followers but get re-tweeted only 5 times a day you won't get far nor will you earn any money, you will be ignored.
You need to engage your followers, re-tweet their tweets, reply to some mentions, provide useful info without links, and basically do everything you would do with your blog to gain trust. Once you gain the trust you can monetize your twitter account. At that point it won't matter if you have 1,000 or 20,000 followers, you will be able to make more money with your Twitter account then you could if you simply mass followed thousands of people.
The principle is the same like with blogging, if people don't trust you and don't know who you are they will not buy anything nor will they follow any links you post in your tweets. So get active and get known.
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