Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ways To Find and Manage Friends On Twitter -- By David Perdew Platinum Quality Author

There are millions upon millions of people online every day using Twitter. It is impossible to follow everyone and it can be hard to find friends in the vast sea of tweets if you don't know what you're doing. Aside from Twitter search, there are several Twitter apps that you can use to help you find friends based on interests or location. You can easily sort through potential friends and find the people who will be the most fun or the most useful for you to follow. Take a look at these great Twitter tools that can help you find, manage, follow, or unfollow the right "tweeple."
Tweep Search is a quick and easy Twitter application that allows you to quickly view the bio information of the users following any particular user you enter. You can also use the tool to search bios for relevant keywords so that you can connect with people who have similar interests.
MoFollow is a Twitter application that creates a list of the most relevant Twitter users so that you can choose friends from a select group. This tool makes use of your Twitter social graph and compiles a list of the top 100 most similar or relevant tweeps. The data on each potential friend includes the username, actual name, location, website, matches, friends, followers, and tweets. You can also sort the results depending on what criteria are important to you (i.e. most followers, most influential, etc).
Twitoria is another Twitter app that can help you manage friends. With this tool, you enter your Twitter username and search for inactive users that you currently follow. There is no need to keep following people who are not tweeting regularly and Twitoria helps you find them quickly. You can select the duration of inactivity (from weeks or months up to one year) and unfollow the inactive users that you choose.
With TweetMetrics you can connect to a network of relevant Twitter users and see which of your friends are currently online. You can also look up statistics about your Twitter account including your rank, retweet percentage, number of fans, and loyalty rate.
Friend or Follow is a Twitter tool that helps you find out which of the people you follow have decided not to follow you back. To use this simple application, you just enter your username and the results will display a list of users that have not return-followed you. You can then decide if you want to continue to follow them, or you may choose to unfollow them as well.
Friendbar is a Twitter app that you can embed on your Firefox browser toolbar to keep in touch with your friends. You can receive text and photo updates right on the browser feed from Twitter and Facebook. You can also reply and enter updates directly from the browser.
With the help of these Twitter tools, you can connect with the right people on Twitter, stay in touch with them, and remove those who just aren't active. Take advantage of these free "Twitter tools" to help you build relationships online.
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