Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make Money On Twitter - 3 Twitter Marketing Tips You Simply Can't Live Without --- By Kerry Lisa Russell

If your not already using Twitter Marketing as part of your marketing mix, then you could be missing out on some serious profits.
You may already be aware that Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites around, used by many business owners worldwide. Knowing how to use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook effectively, can have a massive impact on your marketing efforts. Social networks can be a gold mine.
The first tip that will explode your Twitter marketing is one of great importance, and it can mean the difference between success and failure.
Tip #1: Don't Hard sell
Do NOT use Twitter for hard selling. The key to successful Twitter Marketing is to build a network of followers,who like and trust you.
How do you achieve this?
Well, you simply take the time to build solid relationships with your followers. Ask questions, provide links to valuable resources and just be yourself. Basically use Twitter as a funnel to driving traffic to your blogs, squeeze pages and offers.
Tip #2: Attracting Targeted Followers In Record Time
The main focus of Twitter Marketing is to build a large network of targeted followers interested in your tweets. You could always do it the hard way and manually find followers, but this will be very time consuming and labor intensive.
Alternatively, you can use automated Twitter Marketing software's to find followers who have the same interests as you. The best software's and services on the market at the moment are Twollow and Hummingbird.
Tip #3 Use To Track Your Stats and Shorten Your Links
When making a tweet you only have 140 characters, so it's highly important to keep your message short and sweet, whilst getting your message across. You can use free services such as to track your stats and shorten your links. This way you can monitor your stats to evaluate whats working for you; as well as free up characters for your tweet.
And finally Twitter Marketing is a great way of driving tons of FREE traffic to any affiliate promotions you may be doing. I would highly recommend using Twitter Marketing. It really will sky rocket your profits instantly.
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