Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why You Need to Be Using the New FourSquare Social Media Network For Your Business --- By Carl Gerber

There is a new buzzword in Social media management, Geosocial Networking, and if you own a business that markets to the public, you need to take advantage of it. First of all it is free. And, second of all, whether you proactively use it or not, your company's reputation is being created by the networks users.
What is Geosocial Networking? Geosocial Networking is where users of iPhones, Droids and other mobile devices with GPS or similar location functions, inform other members in the network when they visit a business or use its services. Users can rate the business, for example, 'the food is great here at xyz restaurant,' and send out the message to all users in the network, sometimes thousands of people. The tips or reviews of the businesses pop up on network users' phones when they look up or are near the location of the business. This is free publicity for your business, and if people like what you offer, it is the best kind of publicity - word of mouth.
FourSquare and Gowalla are the most popular Geosocial applications, sometimes called location based services (LBS). The growth of users is staggering. In 2010 93 percent of people from the ages of 18 to 29 have mobile phones. 39 percent of people use location services like GPS on their phones. 73 percent of people use a mobile application to check in to social networking services. As of July 2010 there are two million users on FourSquare. There are 5.8 million businesses and locations on FourSquare. And, in June 2010 17 people checked into FourSquare every second.
That's a lot of potential buzz for your business.
Using FourSquare is relatively easy and at this time business registration is free. An added benefit is the statistics they provide businesses who are registered.
Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular networking platforms. All businesses should have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and a Fan Page on Facebook. If you have these they should be updated consistently to maximize your CRM (customer relationship management). Blogs are also a great tool to connect with your customers. A social media marketing company can be of great assistance in helping you create your online presence and maintain it properly.
Whether you enlist the services of a social media management company, or have someone in your company do it, you need to be proactive. Large companies know this (In 2010, Pepsi Cola pulled its ads out of the Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years, and instead used social marketing). Are you using the new social media to its greatest advantage in your company?
Carl Gerber has been pioneering internet technology for over twelve years. His biggest passion is Social Media Management and Marketing.
He is founder of Social Media Pathways whose mission is assist business create and maintain a powerful presence and positive reputation for their services through this powerful new medium.
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