Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twitter Marketing Success Tips - Three Keys To Successfully Using Twitter For Marketing -- By Dawson Alexander Barber Platinum Quality Author

In you're interested in learning about Twitter marketing - specifically, about how to get Twitter marketing right - then you're going to want to pay close attention to the information in this article. That's because it's going to introduce you three keys to Twitter marketing success, without which your best efforts will be doomed to failure.
It's About The Numbers
It's often been said that marketing is a numbers game, that if you have a big enough audience, sooner or later some of your messages are going to stick.
Twitter marketing is no different: you're going to need to get a sufficient number of followers in order for your Twitter marketing efforts to succeed.
What is a "sufficient" number of followers? The answer depends on your conversion - of followers to visitors to your website and, ultimately, of visitors to buyers.
You'll have to do some tracking to know what this is. You can use Google Analytics to set up conversion paths (using Twitter as the visitor source) and then "reverse engineer" the numbers based on your conversions for your Twittering marketing efforts.
Get Your Targeting Right
If you're randomly following Twitter users - and getting randomly followed back - then you're wasting a lot of time and effort. You're also going to find that your conversions will be extremely low, meaning that you'll really need to put the emphasis on the Twitter marketing "numbers game."
If you want to get better results with less effort, then get your targeting right. This means identifying people who are likely to be interested in the types of products and services you offer based on their use of keywords (that are relevant to your business) in their profiles and in their Tweets. For some of you, it may also mean identifying people on the basis of location.
This kind of targeting is easy enough to do with free tools, such as Twitter's own search facility - which you can find at - or on sites such as, which is, essentially, the Twitter equivalent to the Yellow Pages.
If you get your targeting right, you'll find that your conversions will increase, which will mean that any additional marketing effort you put into building up your numbers will produce even greater returns.
Make Sure Your Activity Is Follower-Focused
When it comes to Twitter marketing success, activity is important. You can't expect your followers to seek out what you offer. But it takes more than just "raw" activity to succeed at Twitter marketing. It takes "follower-focused" activity.
Follower-focused activity basically means listening first, adding value second, and then connecting what you're hearing to what you offer.
It does not mean what most Twitter marketers do, which is to spam their followers with an endless series of promotions. There's no surer or faster way to get ignored or unfollowed.
You have to learn to listen and learn. Then offer something of genuine value - information, education, entertainment, and so forth - that costs your followers nothing more than their time to consume.
After you've established yourself as a trustworthy member of the Twitter community - that is, as someone who is perceived to be both competent and benevolent - it's okay to periodically intersperse your conversations and Tweets with your offers.
Just make sure that when you do put a promotion out into the Twittersphere, you observe some basic Twitter marketing guidelines: disclose the fact that you're promoting an offer (#sponsored or #promo or #aff link) and make sure that the offer is relevant to your followers (if you've done you're targeting right, this, of course, should not be an issue).
Better still, rather than Tweeting a link to a promotion, consider adding your promotions to some useful or entertaining content that you have developed and Tweet the link to the content (provided that promotion is relevant to the content).
You're likely find that your followers will be more responsive to a "contextualized" offer. And you know what that means: higher conversions.
There's one more thing you should consider doing in order to maximize the return you'll get on your Twitter marketing efforts...
While there's no doubt that effective Twitter marketing can give your business a real boost, it can also be extremely time-consuming.
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