Saturday, September 24, 2011

Google+: What It Is and How Your Web Content Can Benefit From It -- By Julia E Spence

There's a new social network out. And it's claiming to turn the entire world of Google into a giant social Internet world. Invented by Google itself, it's directly rivaling Facebook, with the advantage of targeted network sharing. Google+ may offer social users a way to connect directly with your web content and share it to a group of their friends, encouraging the sharing of web content much more than Facebook.
 After one year of research and several delays, Google has finally launched Google + this past July (2011). The social project created by the search engine giant will allow you to access a Google + profile, view notifications, and share content instantly. Notifications are oddly identical to Facebook (a red number that increases with your new messages or notices).
 The Stream is the essential part of Google + that is very similar to the Facebook news feed. It allows you to share pictures, links, videos or locations. The best part about this new Facebook rivalry is that Google + allows you to share directly from Google. And instead of sharing with all your friends, Google + offers a new concept: to share targeted information with your various social groups. And to do this, Google + uses a system called "Circles." Google+ Circles is offering integration at every level, so you get to choose a lot more options when sharing information to friends. It builds on the lack of integration that Facebook offers in this area so that you can actually drag and drop your friends or family into groups and share content only with your selected groups. This is the perfect advantage for any kind of web content; people are more apt to share your web content with the greater options and choices they have in sharing.
 Every single aspect of Google+ has been created for the benefit and amusement of the user. When you remove a friend, a puff of smoke appears; when you take away a social circle, it rolls away of the screen. It's totally whimsical and fun. And instead of just photo tagging, you have a full html picture editor for every picture you upload. And instead of a single person video chat, Google+ brings "Hangouts" to the user: it's a way for a group of friends to connect rather than just a one-on-one chat.
 Complete with Google+ comes Google+ Sparks and mobile apps. The experts are saying that Google may just have nailed it with their network that competes directly with Facebook. If Google+ ends up with a larger amount of social users than Facebook, after the proper advertising, your web content may really have a chance of sprouting some wings.
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