Monday, September 12, 2011

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing -- By Harvey McEwan

What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing can best be described in many ways but in its simplest form it can be described as a service that another company sells your product and/or service through a series of websites that have agreed to use your services. Therefore your website will be selling a product and/or service while your affiliate will be a set of sites that are built solely to sell other products and/or services from other companies. A fee will be paid whenever someone converts and purchases the products on offer. Other desired actions can also be used as the aim but it is mostly used to help generate leads and sales.
Many active in search engine marketing will consider affiliate marketing as a major component in their online marketing strategy.
To help record the affiliate sales a unique link is used and will be used when driving users to your site thus accurately recording which affiliate generated the sale was generated by.
Costing is calculated on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. Therefore unless the affiliate generates a sale there will be no cost. In cases of a sale there will be a fixed percentage to be paid.
Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?
As a favoured online marketing strategy it can give the potential to achieve increased website traffic and be very profitable, whilst allowing the webmaster to choose from a selection of products and service that are best suited to the website being displayed. As a result a clear benefit will be the fact there is no orders necessary or customer service required concerning the products. So little trouble for high gain. It has a return on investment (ROI) rate that proves very appealing, because money is only spent when a sale is made. The increased traffic may not convert sales but because the traffic is free there may be an increase in newsletter sign ups and regular viewers that were gained, which can still be considered as valuable.
Other methods that can help assist this can be with the addition of paid search campaigns along with conversion rate optimisations (CRO), to help achieve sales and conversions that can help capitalise on current opportunities within the current website and to help drive up the current conversion rate. Not forgetting the many search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that can be adopted. It would be recommended to speak to n search engine marketing agency to help achieve the best results if a mix of SEO, PPC, CRO and affiliate marketing are destined to be used. As in many cases a full pronged attack will result in much greater benefits than choosing only the single area to attack.
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