Sunday, October 9, 2011

Social Profit Formula 2.0 Review - Pro's and Con's -- By Toni Young

It's no secret that social media sites are all revolutionizing the way we do business online these days. This brings us to the question of, "What is the Social Profit Formula 2.0 and how can it help you capitalize on this current trend we call social media today?"
Social marketing is undoubtedly among the best platforms to promote your business online. With that being said, it stands to reason that the more you master the art and science of using social media sites, the faster and bigger you profits should come in.
So what is the Social Profit Formula 2.0?
In a nutshell, Social Profits 2.0 is a cutting edge training system that teaches you what works and what doesn't when it comes to social media marketing today. It is a comprehensive blueprint that teaches you everything you need to know to get started making money and the information is well organized in six easy to follow categories.
The categories are as follows:
  • In module one, you will learn a daily 20 minute technique for laying the groundwork of your social media money making empire. You'll also get powerful time saving software called the Status Syndicator to help boost your social marketing success.
  • Module two will open your eyes to the power of micro blogging. You'll learn a fast and easy way to bring a flood of traffic to your site using Twitter, Foursquare, and other micro blogging sites. You'll even get a social media tracking tool so you can track real time mentions of your keywords.
  • Module three reveals some content sharing and blogging secrets that can help you turn your blog into a cash generating machine. An added benefit is that it helps you get traffic and added backlinks to increase your site's search visibility.
  • Module four gives you some social media secrets you can take to the bank! I'm talking about promoting yourself on social media giants like Facebook. Not only that, but you'll also learn the secret behind using sites like these for increasing your followers and popularity online, thus increasing your bottom line profits.
  • Module five teaches you some killer video marketing strategies that are a must for any serious entrepreneur intending to capitalize on social marketing. You may already be aware of just how powerful video marketing is, but many marketers are completely in the dark when it comes to information on how to use video marketing effectively. When you learn this secret, you'll be able to instantly separate yourself from the masses of struggling marketers who can't make money online.
  • And module six covers social media integration. You could be an expert on one or two components of social media, but without this vital skill, you could be left struggling. Indeed, social media integration is in fact the money skill that ties everything together.
On a final note, creator Don Crowthers is SO SERIOUS about his students succeeding that he not only promises a 100% money back guarantee if you don't profit from his course, he flat out agreed to just give you a check for $2500. And that's guaranteed.
How many product creators really stand behind their products like that?
So there is absolutely no risk on this one and it's not going to cost anything to check out the page below and learn more.
But I've got to warn you, this offer is only going to be available to a limited number of people so check out this page below before this offer gets removed.
Social Profit Formula 2.0 is getting a ton of buzz in the internet marketing community. This program may or may not be exactly what your looking for. If you would like FREE business advice, from a proven internet business coach then Toni Young is the person you need to speak with.
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