Sunday, November 6, 2011

9 Twitter Tools That You Shouldn't Be Without -- By Justin Hanus

When it comes to getting the most out of your Twitter account, what are the tools that the masses are using to make life easier for them and/or gain a competitive advantage?
In this article, I'll suggest what tools out of the hundreds that are out there are must-have's when it comes to taking full advantage of Twitter.
1. Mentionmap
Looking for an application that can map out your Twitter connections visually, which allows you to keep track of what they're tweeting in an easier fashion? If so, Mentionmap is the tool for you.
2. Proxlet
Want to get rid of all the "noise" on your Twitter account from people you follow? Proxlet is a great tool that allows you to filter your network, so you can receive relevant tweets from only those who you really care about while muting the messages from everyone else.
3. Tweet Adder
How does Twitter on auto-pilot sound? If this sounds like "music to your ears", Tweet Adder is the perfect software to utilize to automate everything from following people based a on set of certain keywords to unfollowing people who haven't followed you back within a specific timeframe.
4. TLists
Are you into finding relevant information Twitter lists? If so, TLists is the answer for you. Searching the public Twitter lists has never been easier. TLists shows you which lists retweet compared to others, so you can gauge the authority and influence of each list.
5. Backtweets
Want to gauge how your Twitter activity influences your web site traffic via Google Analytics? Whether you are looking for impression stats of your posts or an alert notification when a Twitter user sends a message with a link to your web site, Backtweets can supply you with the information that you need to better assess the interaction between your web site and your Twitter account.
6. Twaitter
If you tweet the same information regularly and want an application to schedule your tweets so you can have it run non-stop then you need to take a look at Twaitter. Whether daily, weekly or monthly, Twaitter's calendar is second-to-none in streamlining your tweet schedule so you can save precious time and focus on other aspects of your Twitter account.
7. Tweriod
Do you need to know when your followers are most active on Twitter? Tweriod compiles all of your past tweets and that of your followers, and then analyzes them to present you with the days and times that your followers are more likely to be online.
8. BrandChirp
Need an easy application that allows you to find people whom you should be following? BrandChirp maybe the tool for you. Whether you want to search by location, keywords they have recently tweeted or by who they are following, BrandChirp can strategically give you a list of Twitter users for you to follow to enhance your network and reach.
9. SocialOomph
A great tool, SocialOomph allows you to send direct messages automatically to your new followers in addition to following people who follow you without having to do a thing. If you like automation, SocialOomph is the tool for you.
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