Saturday, January 14, 2012

Facebook Marketing Tips That You Should Know -- By Madeleine G Labitan

Social media is the rave these days. People spend more and more time using this platform to connect with everyone they know. With more than 800 million active users, Facebook continues to rule the world of social networking. And it shows no sign of going away anytime soon. That's why it is the perfect time for businesses to take advantage of the increasing popularity of the social utility. Gone were the days that you are only left with traditional options to choose from. Now, you have Facebook to thank for in order to appeal to a much wider audience.
So get your pens at the ready, and take note of these Facebook marketing tips that you can use for your business.
1) Create an impressive "About" section
Most Facebook fan pages tend to overlook this one. Creating an impressive company profile is important, especially if you want to generate more leads to your business. This will help educate customers about your company and the products and services you offer. It allows you to impart essential information to your audience, giving them an idea on how your business operates. But this doesn't mean that you have to write narrative-long profile. Bear in mind that a lengthy bio doesn't appeal to readers. Keep it short instead. A short summary which highlights the most important information will suffice.
2) Compel people to "like" your page
Don't expect people to automatically "like" your page without doing anything; because they won't. It will take a lot of hard work for the stream of leads to come pouring continuously. You'll have to earn it through promotion, promotion, and a lot of promotion. If you have a personal account, don't be afraid to ask your friends to "like" your page. Remember that you're just starting from scratch. And success doesn't happen overnight.
3) Post Engaging and Thought-Provoking Content
Get those creative juices grinding! Bland status updates won't attract "likes" and comments. They will simply sit in your fans' news feeds, largely unnoticed. What you need to post is an interesting content that will fuel reactions and generate ongoing discussions. You can even post pictures of new products and services, company events, or any other business-related photograph that will take the interest of your fans.
4) Ask Questions
The best way to keep your page visitors coming back is to give them a reason to stay. One way to do that is to ask interesting and entertaining questions. What you need to do is tap into their interests and ask questions that will keep them talking on Facebook. This is one of the most effective Facebook marketing tips since it will help you build fan engagement and loyal following if done correctly.
5) Stay Active
Facebook is a very busy and active community. There is always something happening in your newsfeed. And if you don't actively participate, you will be left behind. Remember that fan engagement doesn't end with regular post updates. If you want to achieve maximum results, you have to exert your Facebook marketing efforts. Instead of staying within your page, get out there and start connecting with other fan pages. This way, you are able to capitalize on their existing fan base and use it to your advantage.
While there are proven and tested Facebook marketing tips, the achievement rate of your business depends on how you implement them. Remember that there is no short cut to success. It takes time and effort for your business page to flourish.
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