Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook and Twitter Marketing Combined -- By Jack Feder

Using Facebook and Twitter marketing for your business is like getting twice the bang for your buck. As two of the most visited social media sites, the exposure that you bring to your business and the sales that you generate, will prove what an invaluable asset they can be. As with any other advertising media, you will want to start by checking out how other business are using these social sites and then put together a strategy that will get your business some attention.
While with Facebook you will want to use a business fan page that is actually another page of your personal profile, on Twitter you will need to register an account for your business name. Facebook offers publishing tools and Twitter offers desktop clients, both of which will help you with your strategy for marketing your business. Of course, you will always want to enable all of the share capabilities of every social media site that you use.
One of the most important considerations when tackling Facebook and Twitter Marketing, as well as that on any other social media site; is to make sure that your user names and profiles are the same. A Google search can alert you to any conflicts with other businesses and the consistency of name will help boost your search results. It also helps if you have your own custom domain name if you have a website and a custom email address for your business. Choose something where all of these can be integrated into the same name. There are services online where you can check your chosen name to find out if it is available for your use or if you need to choose another.
Another important aspect of any marketing on social media sites is to be consistent in the message that you send. Even though posts on your blog or website, your Facebook page and your Tweets may be different lengths depending on the site requirements, they should still all communicate the same basic message in slightly different words.
Facebook currently has over 750 million users and Twitter is no slouch, so take advantage of the number of people you can reach out to by using these social media sites. You have the ability to communicate one-on-one with customers in real time; so take advantage of this. Be friendly, but professional; these social sites can make or break a reputation, and without a highly respected reputation your business is doomed to failure.
Use photos whenever possible; just make sure to title and tag them appropriately. Add as many other social networks to your Facebook and Twitter marketing strategy as you can maintain in a reasonable amount of time. If you overload yourself with advertising options, you end up with very little time to ten to the nuts and bolts of your business operation. If you do that, then your advertising strategy will hardly matter any longer.
The keywords for any marketing strategy are link, link and link some more, and be consistent. If you can do these things and master the use of Facebook and Twitter applications, then your business is off to a great start!
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