Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facebook Marketing: The Basics for Beginners -- By Kathryn Lively

I almost decided not to write this article, because my fear is once it hits heavy distribution most of what I have written here could be rendered obsolete. This is the risk you take in writing a guide to using social media or SEO techniques - what is valid now may not be in the future as sites and platforms change. With regards to Facebook, I doubt we'll see the last of major changes to the interface and they will allow businesses to use it for promotional purposes. That said, there are some basics a newcomer to the social network should know, and hopefully these tips will remain timely.
Profile or Page?
In the time I have worked with business owners to build their Facebook followings, I'm not surprised to see how many people are confused about concept of the Facebook page. Occasionally I'll get calls from clients asking for the "login" to their Facebook page and I have to explain that access is obtain through their personal accounts. To clarify.
1) A Facebook page can only be created by a person with a Facebook account.
2) The only people who can make edits to a Facebook page are people with administrative access. You can add as many administrators to the page as you wish, just make sure they are people you trust.
3) When an admin makes a post to the Facebook page wall, the post will read as having come from the page, and not the person who wrote it. At this writing, there is no way to change the functionality to make a wall post from an admin look like it's come from you as a person. This is why you want to be careful about what you post on the wall and how you respond to comments.
4) When you post to the wall of your Facebook page as an admin, the activity will NOT show up in your personal profile feed. I find many clients get confused as to what they believe people can see on their profiles. The Facebook PAGE is separate from your PROFILE or PERSONAL PAGE.
5) People you connect with via Facebook through your personal page are "friends." People who click the Like button on your Facebook business page are generally called "fans" or "likes." When a person "likes" your Facebook business page, they won't have access to your personal information unless you have also added him as a friend on your personal profile and granted that access.
6) As an admin of a business page, you can assume the "persona" of the page/business and comment on other Facebook business pages. You cannot, right now, comment in groups or on personal profile walls. You can, though, reshare a wall post from a personal profile.
This doesn't begin to scratch the surface of Facebook basics, but if you are new to Facebook hopefully this will give you a clearer picture of the difference between the business page and the personal profile. Most importantly, you need a personal account to maintain a page. If you delete your personal account, you lose the access.
Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Facebook marketing services and social media writing.

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