Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Write Articles for Social Media -- By Sean R Mize

Different social networking sites have been introduced for the last couple of years. Although some are not getting enough attention, there are those that completely dominated the online arena. People agree that these sites are some of the major reasons why more and more individuals are now spending more time going online.
If you're an eBusiness owner and if article marketing is your main source of traffic, you should also use social media sites to further stretch your reach. When done in good taste, this can tremendously boost your article marketing benefits.
Here's how you can write articles for social media:
1. Know the needs and demands of your target audience. Always start by thinking of the people that you're writing for. What do they want to know about? What would they consider worthwhile? What are the topics that are trending these days? Writing the exact things that your target readers are looking for is the best decision you can ever make when writing articles for different websites.
2. Know how to write good titles. Whatever your chosen niche is, I'm guessing that you're not the only one writing articles for the group of people that you're targeting. In fact, there might be hundreds or even thousands of internet marketers or bloggers who are writing about the same topic. To ensure that your articles will be chosen and read, use titles that will capture the attention of your target audience. These people would want to know what's in it for them. Tell them why your articles are good read and learn how to differentiate them from your competitors.
3. Spill out great information. The success of your articles will all boil down to the quantity and quality of information that you offer. If your readers find them extremely useful, well researched, and very informative, you can be assured that they'll be enticed to read your other articles. Not only that, they'll also most likely to click that share button and your articles will find their way to other people's social media accounts.
4. Make your articles engaging. Attract more attention by making your articles not just informative but exciting to read as well. Entertain your readers by being fun and witty all the time. People will easily remember you and your articles if you have the ability to make them smile.
5. Know how to optimize your articles. It's crucial that you help your target audience easily find your articles from millions of similar copies being published online. One way to do this is by properly optimizing them using the keywords that are popular among your readers. Target one main keyword per article and use at least 5-6 secondary keywords. Keep the keyword density from 1.5-2%. Your main keyword should appear on your headline, on your article summary, on each of your paragraph, and on your conclusion.
6. Promote your articles. Put your articles in front of your target audience by promoting them on your Facebook wall, by tweeting, through social bookmarking, etc.
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