Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finding The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs -- By Ted J Benson

Affiliate programs are hugely popular these days. If you want to make money on the internet but don't have any products or services to sell then you should join such a program as soon as possible. With a little effort you can build multiple streams of residual income. This business requires no investments on your part. All you need is simple website that can be built at the cost of a few dollars. Once you have established yourself in the industry and earned the trust of your readers making money becomes extremely easy. In the following paragraphs you will learn a few important tips and strategies.
The concept behind affiliate marketing is simple and it is as old as business itself. Even in ancient times resourceful entrepreneurs bought items and sold them to earn profits. Of course the modern version is much more refined than that but the inherent concept is quite similar. The online version of affiliate marketing was founded by William Tobin, the owner of PC Flowers & Gifts, on the Prodigy network in 1989. Initially the system had certain flaws and shortcomings but all of them were eliminated with the passage of time.
There are various types of affiliate programs on the internet including pay per sale, pay per action (PPA) and pay per lead (PPL). Each variety has unique characteristics but one thing is common: all programs pay the affiliates for promoting products and services. If you want to be successful in the field then you should choose a program wisely because it can make a lot of difference. Some products are easier to promote than others.
Every affiliate program is based on these four elements:
• Merchant - The company that sells the products and pays the affiliates for their efforts
• Marketer - The person who promotes the products
• Promotional Media - In this case the internet
• Customer - The end consumer
Understanding the role of each element will help you come up with an effective business plan and increase your chances of success. You should also know which product categories are popular among customers these days. Here is a rough list that will help you get started:
• Health and fitness products
• Computer software and hardware
• Entertainment (music and movies)
• Cellular phones
• Published items (documents, books, e-books, etc.)
• Education (schools, colleges, distance education, etc.)
• Arts and Crafts
• Travel destinations
The popularity of affiliate programs has increased tremendously in the past decade or so. Previously the cost of running such a program was too high but nowadays it is quite affordable. That is the reason why almost every reputable company is using this promotional strategy. As the field of internet business and e-commerce keeps expanding, more and more people are turning towards affiliate marketing.
To start your internet business you should choose an interesting niche, setup a website and finally start looking for suitable programs. You can also use a system like Commission Junction or ClickBank. These systems have thousands of products to choose from. Once you are a member you don't need to look for individual programs. Hopefully this article will help you make money on the internet.
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