Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spot Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls - Helpful Tips -- By Adnan Akramz

As affiliate marketing has helped more and more people to make money online, internet scams has been increasing too and it has become very difficult to spot out affiliate marketing scams. This is why many newbie consider affiliate marketing a scam especially when they see two or more tiered program as they confuse it with pyramid scheme. So what could be a solution to it? How can you spot out affiliate marketing scams?
In this article, I will give you some helpful tips to identify them so that you can join legit programs to make money online.
1 - Legit Affiliate Programs don't have fee:
There is no "set up fee" or any other membership fee associated in legitimate programs. If you would see a program offering you to sell a website to market with or charge you any other fee, it would probably a scam as affiliate marketing programs cost nothing to join. You will also have to keep in mind that the only way you can make money in it is by selling products or services no matter even it's a two tiered program.If any program is offering any other easy ways to earn money, it would not be legit.
2 - Informational Products offering Millions in Few Days with No Effort:
It has been observed that many people get scammed in marketing while purchasing informational products such as e-Books, systems or soft-wares that promises to show them how to make millions in few days. They often show you pictures of their sale commissions which they have earned by using those products.Most of the time, those pictures are photo-shopped version of an image. Here you have to keep one thing in mind that if they really have that magical software or an e-book, why they don't they make money out of it by themselves. Why they are only selling those products to make money online?
3 - Learn the Basics before You Would Go for it:
In affiliate marketing, learning is a key to success. You can find tons of free and valuable educational content online about it. Besides that, forums can be another good place to learn new tips and strategies to become successful internet marketer. It will also help you to be aware of new scams in marketing as people are talking about it most of the time or if you will have any doubts about any program, you can ask for others opinion before you would join it.
4 - Don't fall for Affiliate Marketing Hype
You should keep realistic expectation by not getting over exciting by the hype people like to use when describing the potential income of an affiliate marketing program to attract new marketer. This way, you will keep yourself steady and focused in marketing and it will help you make a career in this field.
If you will follow above- mentioned tips, it will not only help you to spot affiliate marketing scams but will also help you to start a new career in internet marketing.
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