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Which WordPress Is the Right One for You - (.COM) or (.ORG)? -- By Stephen Looney is free and you can learn how to do it for free on it.
Once you get the hang of you can than get a hosting company for $10/month & domain name for $10/year and make your website on
I had been confused by these two blogging platforms/CMS (content management system) at first
One more thing does not allow you to put ads on it
Learn on than make your money site on
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Which WordPress Is the Right One for You - (.COM) or (.ORG)?

I simply LOVE WordPress for blogging. Whether it's personal or business, WordPress blogs are widely used due to its notable features. It is interesting to note, however, that WordPress comes in two types: and
In order to get the most out of your blogging experience, choosing which WordPress type to use for your blog is crucial. You have to be able to assess what you need and pick the type that will fit your preference. Here is a rundown to help you decide.
WordPress (.org)
Basically, gives its users more leeway when it comes to designing blogs. You can actually have your site stand out from the rest due to its customization features. Also, you have a wide array of templates and plug-ins to choose from. This advantage works well for blogs that are after functionality.
In order to effectively use, here are a few guidelines:
-You would need a hosting provider that enables both FTP access and a MySQL database. Go Daddy has a great service where you can sign-up for specific hosting geared towards creating the whole WordPress database for you, so if you're not tech savvy, don't worry.
-You need some basic HTML knowledge to do the basics, but you will have a huge advantage with more knowledge of HTML coding.
WordPress (.com)
Meanwhile, what primarily offers is its setup convenience. It's free (excluding the domain) and you don't have to worry about themes and templates because they are made available for you. This is perfect for bloggers who are familiar with the ins and outs of designing a blog.
A major drawback is that due to the fact that specifically caters to bloggers who are not very concerned of the site's layout, the look of the blog is typically generic. As a Designer, I will tell you that the look and feel of a webpage is very important in keeping people coming back.
My website is completely built within WordPress(.org). WordPress is a content management system which has allowed me to be very creative. The only thing that can limit you is the theme you decide to use for a site. The great thing about it is that within the theme, you are able to build all completely custom graphics. I have found that it is much more suitable to the kind of business I am going to be performing.
Stephen Looney
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