Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Week Marketing - Do You Need It? -- By Graeme Henderson

There is so much rubbish on the internet designed to trap the unwary would-be affiliate marketer that it is almost impossible to know where to find anything that is actually useful. When I found Jennifer Ledbetter's blog over at, I discovered a wealth of useful and motivational stuff that helped me pick my way through the whole online marketing world.
Having spent years trying to make money without success, I realised I needed a plan. I tried to work it out for myself, but I found that it's a Catch 22 situation - until you've made money on the internet, there's no way of knowing how to make money on the internet. Of course, there are plenty of people willing to sell you their secrets for a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, I didn't have a few hundred dollars to spend.
So, I hoped instead to find someone who'd seen it, done it, literally written the book and was willing to give the information away for free. Then I understood that giving such information away for free was ridiculous; why would anyone do that with their hard-earned knowledge?
So, working on the "speculate to accumulate" basis I decided that I would have to spend some money. By now, I'd come to trust Jennifer through reading her blog on a regular basis so I bought her product, One Week Marketing.
What is it One Week Marketing?
A collection of ebooks detailing a method of making money online, including checklists, mind maps and an email conversation with a true beginner as Jennifer leads him step by step through a marketing campaign
Does It Work?
In my experience, yes. There are of course many ways to skin a cat and this is just one of them. It may not work for everyone, but from a personal point of view I can say that it has worked for me.
Is It Suitable For Beginners?
Absolutely. Jennifer's style is accessible to beginners and her method is simple.
Do You Really Need It?
To be honest, there's nothing in here that you couldn't work out for yourself given enough time. But, if time is short then, yes, I'd definitely recommend it.
Jennifer Ledbetter's One Week Marketing is just one of many products that profess to give you the secret of making money online. You could choose one at random, but it's probably better to go with someone you can trust. I believed I could trust Jennifer after reading her blog, and I was not disappointed. If nothing else, her advice is honest and down-to-earth. There are no guarantees that you can make money using this system, of course, but there is no BS here. It does what it says on the tin.
If you're looking to start an online business then this is definitely a great way to go about it.
Graeme has a number of websites from which he makes a little money each month. He has written a Squidoo Lens that gives more information about making an online marketing plan and you can find even more information on his website The Post Service

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